How does SEO work?


Step 1

Target Market Business Analysis

We begin by having an in-depth conversation with you about your business, your goals, and prior successes. We use data, market research, and your own materials to analyze how you stack up against your competitors. This helps us peek into your customer’s mindset and build a strategy to target those customers.

Step 2

Keyword Research and Development

We use state-of-the-art tools to research the terminology that your potential customers are searching to get to you, as well as determine any new terms they may search to find your services.

Step 3

Content Optimization and Submission

With keyword research in hand, we then get to work developing the content that can drive visitors to your site. This involves revising your current website pages, building new site pages if needed, and developing a content strategy which supports ongoing search efforts.

Step 4

Continuous Testing and Measuring

Once our strategy is in play, K8 Digital Services constantly monitors your site and the search engines for changes which can impact your ranking. We use advanced analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and other emerging technologies to put your business ahead of competitors.

We help you build a better

We provide best solutions

SEO is an investment into your company’s future as organic traffic has a much higher ROI than paid search traffic. The vast majority of the search traffic goes to the organic search results. If your website isn’t on page 1 for your top keywords, you are missing out on a large piece of your online potential.

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SEO is one of those things that you constantly need to do, and someone like me is – I want the perception of what I want to give off: I’m the duck above the water, but my feet are underneath the water – So it’s basically, it’s straightforward, transparent, this is what I do – there’s strategy, kind of finesse plus technical things that need to get done. I want you to see the finesse but the duck feet are under water.

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